Zion Academy After School Program-Keva Planks Activity
Zion Academy Keva Planks Activity
Posted on 12/19/2016
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The children of Zion Academy have loved playing with the Keva Planks. Each site has been using them on a rotating basis. Students are encouraged free play and creativity but at times are also directed towards a specific task or end result. Most times, students start off by building the tallest towers. The kids tend to naturally made it a competition to see who could build the tallest tower without letting it fall.  The funniest part was knocking them down.  These Keva Planks have been able to foster conversations about what a bridge is and what kinds of things can go under or over it. We have seen lots of time and thought go into building and making bridges. After each lesson, sites are encouraged to talk to their students about what they did and what they learned. This got kids talking about how much fun they had but also deeper thinking like how much weight their bridges could have supported. Coincidently, this has resulted in some of our boys bringing in cars and little men to put on their bridges in anticipation of doing this activity again. Other sites have also worked on building ramps. All of this building, has taught concepts of physics and architecture through play in such an engaging way. Its impressive to see the creativity, curiosity, and imagination that these Keva Planks are able to spark in the minds of our students.